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So now after finishing my studies and going on holidays – the big question: What’s next? I haven’t really been able to actually think about it. Instead I rushed into full on work. As styling assistant, freelance stylist, dancer and also I am back into blogging as business.

Styling Assistance

I am still assisting my favorite boss Dana Roski on all kinds of exciting jobs (which keep growing and growing – yes girl!). Currently on our schedule are The Voice of Germany where we are styling wonderful Yvonne Catterfeld. Of course LENA ❤ Moreover Helene Fischer and her incredible dancers for the big Schlagerboom performance this year!


Assisting Dana on her jobs is such an honor and priceless experience any time. Nevertheless the big goal is to work on my own as a stylist. Thus I am approaching my own work again. Last week I styled Germany’s Next Topmodel girls Elena and Samantha for a little photoshoot with lovely photographer Robertina Jeno. More to come…



My dance crew finally got a name. CODE BLACK. With a fresh Instagram account as well (@codeblackberlin). It’s getting exciting this month on this project, too. We are rehearsing for our first competition mid November. Who would have thought – I am doing the outfit styling for us and are therefore busily working on some kick ass ideas.


My problem with blogging in the past months was the “no time” excuse. People who know me know, I don’t do things half heartedly. I either go all in or not at all. Thus the business of blogging was almost dead on here. While I still posted a few outfits now and then, I didn’t have the time to actually work with brands and prepare the real exciting content for you. I am working on that now 😉 But I learnt from the past. I am going to start this slowly. I had a few moments in the past two years when I wanted to jump from zero to 100 over the weekend and it threw me out of my work flow every single time.



Barcelona wasn’t enough. There are a few places already booked and a loooot of places on my to-do list. Munich end of Octobre and Milan end of December are scheduled. I am open and thankful for any recommendations. Time to fill my travel loving heart with lots of good stuff.



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