:: Product Love – Mey Illusion Slips


Hey girls, today I want to show you one of my favorite new products which I first discovered at the German Press Days a few weeks ago. The “Mey Illusion Slips” from Mey!

For me as a fashion stylist underwear is an important component of the basic equipment. Good lingerie is key to a perfected style. I like to divide the essentials into shaping underwear, show underwear with pretty details which are supposed to be seen to complete a look and lastly invisible underwear. Invisible underwear (most of the time seamless and nude colored) is always important for anything super tight, white colored or with sheer fabric. While there are a few similar products on the market already, the Mey Illusion Slip collection tops them with innovation and quality. The slips are super soft and have a good stability thanks to the velours fixing above the fine silicon bindings.

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:: Outfit – Kenzo X H&M


Last week was the launch of the new designer collaboration of H&M. Normally I am not the one to go buy trend collections since I am a true believer in timeless styles and like to fill my wardrobe with things I will keep for years. So as usual I watched the hype from outside until my friend and occasional assistant Christo dragged me into a H&M shop on Thursday evening. I smiled at the wild animal prints in blue and pink and crazy pieces that were left in the women’s department. I then joined Christo in the men’s section and there it was. The t-shirt that would make me throw over my no-shopping plans. The decision was made in 5 seconds with no regrets.

I am combining the orange t-shirt with print from the Kenzo X H&M collection with white denim, biker jacket, patent leather ankle boots and net stockings. My ring is from Sweet Deluxe. What do you say? Good investment? x

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:: Outfit – When in Munich


Last weekend I went on a little weekend getaway to Munich. Originally my friend Celestina and I booked the trip to attend the Selena Gomez concert on Friday. But since the tour was cancelled (still crying) we ended up with different plans. A little sight seeing around the city and a theatre visit on Friday evening was scheduled instead.

Here is what I wore on Friday as a day and night outfit. I went for some overknee boots and a sleeveless shirt dress worn over a cozy knit. Currently I am also into bigger but minimalistic earrings. Like these ones I am wearing from Sweet Deluxe. So happy that I got to enjoy a beautiful sunny blue sky in autumn. No need to cling to a winter coat just yet!

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