:: 7 Things you can do with the Stilnest X StylingByAnh iPhone Case

Today I am going to tell you a few fantastic secrets that will ultimately reshape your life. The Stilnest x StylingByAnh iPhone case! Yep, it’s still on the market, still available for purchase.

You know all this time people have been babbling about how pretty the case is and how special the design is. Totally not disagreeing with you there – there is no denying that I am simply a genius – but there are 7 hidden features of the case that will improve your life to a maximum!

I present you 7 things you can do with the Stilnest x StylingByAnh iPhone case:


1. It is also an earring

Attached to the phone, the case happens to be left in the darkest corners of your bags or pockets way too often. What a pity for this – I am going to emphasize it again – marvelous design! But luckily you can also wear it as an earring. It’s the perfect accessory.


2. Train your posture

The Stilnest x StylingByAnh iPhone Case is made for princesses. Everyone knows we have daily posture training. The modern princess trains with her SBA case. What are those “books” you keep telling me about? Never heard of it.


3. Do a lip workout

Prince Charming is going to come eventually. Let’s keep our lips warm and ready. Also haven’t you ever wondered how I get and maintain my full lips? Hard workout, girls, hard workout!


4. Play Hide-And-Seek

Waiting for Prince Charming can get boring at times. How about we play a round of hide-and-seek? With our phones? You can always hide your SBA case between some sushi. The other player’s have no chance of finding your phone ever – LOL (mean laugh).


5. Don’t play Hide-And-Seek

You thought I was serious? Are you 5? *facepalm*


6. Treat it like an art piece

You are supposed to be an adult. So behave like one! Adults go to art galleries. You have your own art piece right here. Let’s observe it veeery thoroughly. The way the lines are shaped and the colors build an emblem of… zzzzZZZ.


7. Hit someone

Ok so by now you might have realized all the points above are non-sense. Made up from my possibly funny, possibly super unfunny mind. But this is an actual one. My favorite. Because I am a very troubled person. The Stilnest X StylingByAnh iPhone Case is so sturdy, you can hit people with it and it will actually hurt them. A lot. Tested and verified multiple times. 😀

So after all of this you must be asking “Where can I get this wonder-case?” Super easy!

Just follow this link right here to the >> STILNEST ONLINE SHOP <<, choose your iPhone model, choose matte or shiny (personally I think the colors are popping more with the shiny model but the matte one conveys a feeling of fabric, which I love) and add it to your cart.

SPECIAL: When you are lucky and it is still Black Friday while you are reading this, you get 20% off my case and a lot of other beautiful jewellery on Stilnest as well! Just add the Code BLACKFRIDAY at the check-out! Code applies until end of Saturday, November 25th 2017. 

Happy Shopping!

Also thanks guys for reading this article, I hope you like it! It’s my first of this kind and I would really appreciate your thoughts on it. If you liked it, share the link with your friends – it would mean the world to me! Lots of kisses & see you around next time!


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