My first month living in Barcelona – Struggles of moving to a new city

“Do you feel at home already?” First time I got asked that question somewhat two weeks after my arrival to Barcelona, I confidently said yes. I adapted to my new environment, my body and mind were realizing that we weren’t on vacation and I started to use Google Maps less. But it got me thinking. Can I consider this description the description of a home already? Compared to my other home – my actual home, Berlin – where I was born and lived for as long as I can remember. For Barcelona to take over that huge title, it would have to take more effort and time, wouldn’t it?

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I am moving to Barcelona!

“Do more of what you are afraid of”. This has been my subliminal motto for the past somewhat 5 years (and just saying they were pretty epic). I have always been a fan of pushing my own boundaries, trying things I have never done before, pursuing things people tell me I shouldn’t or can’t do or doing things I feel uncomfortable with.

“Do more of what you are afraid of” (“Tu mehr Dinge, vor denen du Angst hast”). Das ist seit etwa 5 Jahren mein unterbewusstes Motto (und mal so gesagt, sie waren ganz schön toll). Ich war schon immer ein Fan davon meine eigenen Grenzen anzustoßen, neue Dinge auszuprobieren, oder solche auszuprobieren von denen Andere mir abraten oder Dinge bei denen ich mich vielleicht eigentlich sogar unwohl fühle.

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:: Stilnest Berlin Edition Collection – My design on an iPhone case!

One of the reasons why I studied fashion design? The thought of people wearing my creations and therefore ideas, thoughts, a part of me on the street. Design is my favorite way of expressing and sharing. The moment when it is cherished and embraced is the most fulfilling.

Eine der Gründe warum ich Modedesign studiert habe? Der Gedanke, dass Menschen meine Kreationen und somit meine Ideen, Gedanken, eben ein Teil von mir, auf der Straße tragen. Design ist mein liebster Weg mich auszudrücken und zu teilen. Der erfüllendste Moment ist dann, wenn es geschätzt und angenommen wird. 

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